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Our Project

This project for English class has several layers to it. My idea was that social media could be a great way to explore some of the course themes while learning how to create a blog, use computer terminology and Internet sources, comment constructively (peer evaluation) and explore online dictionaries. Media education meets language education with a bang!

First we practiced writing descriptive essays. Drafts were edited by the teacher and then re-written as posts for the blog with the appropriate media. The theme was Finland and how young Finnish students at Itäkeskus High School view their own country.

Then we all got together to comment each others posts. Students were paired up and instructed to evaluate each others texts constructively. The teacher also commented and evaluated each post.

The project had its challenges, but mostly computer classes were considered fun. Social media gave us the chance to learn a lot from one another and practice English by actually creating something new – a blog for everyone to visit and enjoy!

Social Media’s Effect on Learning by Maureen Scarpelli

in the Wall Street Journal Blog.



1. Eva - March 7, 2012

Well done for your project! I am a foreigner in Finland and I was looking for general information on the Finnish culture, so your reports/essays could answer some of my questions. I kept on reading because I loved your idea and the effort you have put to it in general. Good job!

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