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Linnanmäki February 2, 2010

Posted by sälekari in Linnanmäki.

Linnanmäki is a amusement park in Helsinki, Alppila. It was built in 1965 and made by Lasten Päivän Säätiö. It is a good place to go on a nice sunny day in Finland and eating cotton candy. Going to it’s many rides and eating in many fine restaurants and the time goes really quickly by. Linnanmäki isn’t such a big amusement park compared to American or even some European parks. It’s actually pretty good that it isn’t a big park, ’cause you’d have to run around the park to get somewhere in foreign amusement parks. I guess that is one of the bright sides of it’s small size, but still in Linnanmäki doesn’t have big roller coasters or other attractions like these.