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Linnanmäki February 2, 2010

Posted by sälekari in Linnanmäki.

Linnanmäki is a amusement park in Helsinki, Alppila. It was built in 1965 and made by Lasten Päivän Säätiö. It is a good place to go on a nice sunny day in Finland and eating cotton candy. Going to it’s many rides and eating in many fine restaurants and the time goes really quickly by. Linnanmäki isn’t such a big amusement park compared to American or even some European parks. It’s actually pretty good that it isn’t a big park, ’cause you’d have to run around the park to get somewhere in foreign amusement parks. I guess that is one of the bright sides of it’s small size, but still in Linnanmäki doesn’t have big roller coasters or other attractions like these.

Linnnamäki also has a mascot, Rolle. A cheerful clown. Wandering around the park and taking photos with children and other people. Lately Japenese tourist has been growing up in Finland and by so i’ve seen on these couple of last years that especally they like to take photos with him.

Recent years I haven’t been in Linnanmäki and it’s newest attractions, restaurants and other cool things. I hope that you will take atleast a visit there and enjoy the time in there spending there. I only hope the price for it’s “bracelet ticket” isn’t too expensive nowadays, ’cause it costs about 34 euros. Thnx for reading this…



1. jarno kajanne - March 2, 2010

I like your description. And your structure is pretty clear and comprehensible. Your style of writing is good. I understand everything fine. Your subject is good, but not excellent. I think foreigners doesn’t care about a little finnish amusement park because they’ve almost all got bigger in their own countries. Your media/appearance wasn’t good, u had nothing on that area.

2. Ms Leino - February 18, 2010

Contents: Good
I like your style. Casual and informative, well done! Perhaps you could have described the atmosphere at Linnanmäki a bit more, but I think you compared it very nicely to foreign amusement parks 🙂

Media / appearance: Satisfactory
Not even a link? 😦

Grammar: Good
– AN amusement park
– going ON the rides
– it’s = se on, its = sen
– time goes BY very quickly
– growing UP = kasvaa vuosissa, the number of tourists has been growing = kasvaa numeroissa

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