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Thousands of lakes country January 25, 2010

Posted by aleksi in Nature.

Finland’s surface area is over 10% water coverage and usually  Finns want a cottage near the water. Rivers and lakes are important to the Finns, and they can do many things such as swimming, fishing and boating. In the summer there is nothing better than to go swimming after hot sauna.

 The water is generally quite cold, but you get used to it quickly.  Finns likes fishing. I think fishing is a relaxing, very easy learn and enjoyable. Also in cities or at sea you can  fish. You can  find beautiful beaches which is amazing to swim and eat or drink someting good. Last summer I spent a week at the cottage with my family. Every morning when I woke up tired, I went into a pond to swim when I was much more energetic. In the evenings I went to swim after the sauna which was fantastic .

In the winter you can go to ice-fishing or skate on frozen lake. You can also go to ice  swim in winter if you dont fear cold water. More informatinon to ice swimming you find here:




1. Ms Leino - February 15, 2010

Country OF thousands of lakes

This is a nice story, Aleksi! Good luck with your future English studies 🙂 You can do anything if you just stick to it!

2. Kerli - January 25, 2010

I like this story . Video was little to long, but kind of fanny.
I didn´t find any mistakes.

3. Julia Myllymäki - January 25, 2010

You told a lot of different things to do with water in Finland. I also like your own story about how you woke up tired and got more energetic when you jumped into a pond. I haven’t ever tried that but I believe it would be wonderful:) The structure is well done and I think I didn’t find any mistakes.

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