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The Country For All Seasons January 25, 2010

Posted by elisavainio in Weather.

Finland, our place of residence, is one of the few countries that have a clear difference between every season. In fact, it’s quite amazing that now in the end of January it’s -17C and snowing outside whereas six months ago it was +24C and completely sunny. Well, I’d say that’s at least versatile!

If you’re planning to visit in Finland you can choose if you would like to see lively Helsinki in summer or if you would prefer snowy Lapland in winter. As simple as it is, you just must to pick out the season! I’m not very interested in cold winter but I love summer with its warm sun and cheerful people. At the same time someone might think Finland is exotic and magnificent because of the wintry landscape and snowy land.

In summer I find out more good than bad things; the weather is pleasant, sun shines, people are nicer and more friendly, you can stay for long time out, go to beach or just sit on a park. It feels like everything’s better in summer! Of course there are also some bad sides, such as mosquitoes and other bugs and rainy weather.

In winter instead you can experience something very different if you come from country where is a warm temperature around the year. Because of the snow you can do some winter activities such as skating or skiing. I think that it’s much more nicer to spend Christmas during a real winter. But as I said before, winter is not what I prefer and maybe it’s because of the coldness of weather and people.

After the climate of Finland (especially freezing winter) I could say that I have guts to live wherever in world!



1. Ms Leino - February 19, 2010

Contents: Very good
A fluent story that has many personal opinions. The weather always interests people so it was a good choice for a topic. Perhaps you could have focused a bit more on how the cold and dark winters depress some Finns (and others). You mention it briefly, but you could have delved into the subject in more depth. The concept of a heavy-metal-loving people with sisu who live in the dark half the year round is quite intriguing 🙂

Media / appearance: Excellent
A delightful, original picture!

Grammar: Very good
– THE sun
– friendlier
– stay out FOR A LONG TIME
– WHEREAS in winter
– the temperature is warm
– much nicer (more ja most sanaa käytetään vain silloin kun adjektiivi on niin pitkä ettei -er tai -est päätteitä voi käyttää)
– have THE guts

2. Valeria - January 25, 2010

excellent! Youre post is very intersting and nice. I liked the ending excpeccially, sounds like someting I would say 🙂 . I don’t enjoy winter also, but I agree whit you that Christmas and New Year is much better here around snow. I like Helsinki in summer too because the people are more friendly and social. Autumn is my favorite season in finland, it would be nice if you would tell someting about it too, but at all your post is very wonderful. 🙂

3. Juhani - January 25, 2010

You should also mention that spring and fall are often very rainy and wet and the temperature can be +10 celsius when it was -10 yesterday. Winter and summer are nothing compared to the time between them.

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