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Living mummy? January 25, 2010

Posted by Kerli in Finns.

People here, in Finland are very shy. Only alcohol makes them talk to total strangers. They can live many years in the same building and still not know each other.

My mother lived in Tampere many years a go. There were two widows. One lived on the first floor and the other widow on the third floor. My mom wondered how the two of them, who lived thirty years on the same building, don’t know each other ? So my mom decided to help these two lonely people and she invited them to her home and now they are friends finally.

So everything is possible in Finland. This story show how many lonely people live here. Something good is that I think that people here are honest, strong and you can trust us.



1. Ms Leino - February 18, 2010

Contents: Very good
A delightful little story! It’s always a good idea to draw inspiration from life experience. You have great insight 🙂 Next time try to use a few more challenging words to make your story come alive! I LOVE the heading!

Media / appearance: Satisfactory
No pictures ? 😦

Grammar: Good
– IN the building
– DIDN’T know each other
– now they are finally friends (SPOTPA!)
– story showS

2. aleksi - January 28, 2010

Text was well written and I could not find fails. The story of two neighbors were good and interesting. Good job!

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