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Ice Hockey in Finland January 25, 2010

Posted by Henri in Hockey, Sports.

What do Finns and Canadians have in common? The answer is of course hockey. Ice hockey. Hockey isn’t the national sport of Finland but it’s with ski jumping the most popular sports art. What is more Finnish than come from sauna and watch Finland-Sweden hockey game?

Ice hockey is a team sport where two teams play against each other. That team wins, that makes more goals. On the field are always five players and one goalkeeper from both teams. The field is made from ice so the players have to use skates. The players try to make goals with sticks that are made from wood or composite. The intention is to get the puck in to the goal. The goalkeeper tries to block the puck. If you make something bad and break the rules the referee whistles a penalty. That means that the opponent team gets power play and your team must play shorthanded.

Hockey puck

The National Ice hockey team of Finland is called by the name The Lions of Finland. Although Finland is very good in hockey they have won the world championship just once. That happened in the year 1995. The tournament was played in Stockholm, Sweden. They have also six silver and three bronze medals. In the winter Olympics has won two silver and two bronze medals.

Finnish Hockey fans

The highest Finnish hockey league is Sm-Liiga. In Sm-Liiga play 14 teams allover Finland. The unquestionable best hockey team is Jokerit. The worst team is Hifk. Hifk is a Swedish hockey team and I don’t have a clearest clue how they’ve lost their way in to Finland. Home ice of Jokerit is Hartwall arena it’s located in Helsinki. It is also the home ice of the national team.

Beer and hockey are the two things that get two Finnish men hug each other. But Hockey is the only thing what can bring a man to cry.



1. Ms Leino - February 19, 2010

Contents: Very good
The beginning and the end were awesome! It’s too bad you wasted so much space telling us how ice hockey is played when you could have told us about how it affects Finnish men or what it means for us Finns in general. That was the best part! Otherwise, the structure is clear and your ideas flow logically 🙂 Hockey really seems to make you tick!

Media / appearance: Satisfactory
Sorry, I have to be harsh… You have made a real effort trying to find media for the post, however, I am concerned about the copyrights 😦
You play hockey, right? Don’t you have any pictures of your own?

Grammar: Good
– ALONG WITH ski jumping
– than comING from the sauna and watchING
– the team that makes more goals wins
– on the field THERE are
– if you DO something bad
– the TOP/WINNING (highest) team
– I don’t have the clearest clue = foggiest idea
– the only thing THAT can make a man cry

2. Saana - January 25, 2010

You know a lot about ice hockey. Your style to write is unique. I like your beginning ” what do Finns and Canadians have in common?” that sounds very good. You have detailed description from the game but you could use some descriptive adjectives, that would make your text more interesting. The subject is excellent, but if you added more personal experience, it would be more fascinating.

You have relevant video and pictures. I like your picture of finnish ice hockey fans. No matter in which country they are living, every fan seems to be as enthusiastic.

I found some little mistakes for excample ” that team wins, that makes more goals “, it could be “the team which makes more goals is the winner”. “On the field are always five players and one goalkeeper from both teams”, I think it could be “on the field there are always five players and one goalkeeper from both teams”.

The last paragraph is amusing and great 😀

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