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WINTER IN HELSINKI January 24, 2010

Posted by KAJANNE in Helsinki, Weather.

This winter has been the coldest for the past few years. It has been freezing cold even here in Helsinki. We aren’t used to live in this low temperatures here in south. It has snowed too. It’s nice when the ground is covered with a few centimetres of snow, but it has snown much more then that. It’s not suprising that Finns are so depressed because of the dark and depressing winter season. And every time it snows more than was expected, Helsinki turns into a chaos. Buses are always delayed and nothing works on schedule.

I don’t like finnish winter ever. When the temperature is not this low, it’s above zero and it’s always sleeting and the ground is covered with slush. That’s very annoying. The only positive thing of these very cold temperatures is that you can play winter sports outside. Usually we can do winter sports for only a few weeks.

A picture of a usual finnish winter

I would like winters more if temperature would stay between 1 to 7 ˚C below zero. And if I could move away for every winter, I would do it right away. Thailand would be great, I’ve got enough of these finnish winters. I would love finnish weather if it could be summer all year-long! Unfortunately Finland isn’t a warm country and I just have get along with it as long as I live here.




1. Ms Leino - February 14, 2010

Contents: Very good
The weather is usually a fantastic subject for small talk, but you have managed to make it personal by voicing your opinion and discussing the effect that the climate in Finland has on the people. Well done! + great snow vocabulary!

Media / appearance: Excellent
That is EXACTLY what slush looks like 😉

Grammar: Very good
– used to livING
– THE south
– positive thing ABOUT
– Finnish (always capitalized!)
– I’ve had enough = olen saanut tarpeekseni

2. Alex - February 1, 2010

Nice post! I like how you describe the winter here in Helsinki and your own thoughts make it really interesting to read. I found only one mistake which is in the end of the post “I just have get along with it”, what you should have written is “I just have TO get along with it”.

Best regards,

3. KAJANNE - January 24, 2010

thanks, homie!

4. Kim - January 24, 2010

Nice work dude

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