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The silent city January 24, 2010

Posted by Valeria in Finns.

When you think about finnish people the first word would be probably “quiet”.  You may stand at the bus stop and ask a stranger how to get somewhere and they would say it like in two words and you may get  the feeling that your breath smells so they don’t want to talk to you, but it’s not true. Some finn’s are very happy when you talk to them, because they are shy to start themself’s. Finn’s love to help foreigners. If they see that you are a foreigner they will just come up to you and ask if you need any help.  They can join a conversation if they hear a foreign language that they have studied or study at the moment.

In Summer Finn’s are social. Well, not so like in Spain or Russland for example, but in their own finnish way. They spend time with their kid’s in an amusement park, have a picnic in Suomenlinna (Finnish fortress) or go to a performance like High Heel’s Run hosted by a finnish tv-person, Maria in Kamppi, Helsinki and some teen’s work in summer. So if you were in finland in summer and you plan to come in winter here too, don’t be suprised when the people arent so social anymore. In winter it’s almost impposible to get them to talk.  They are tired from work and school and in addition to finland is a very dark place in winter. But it’s very wonderful here in winter. Christmas and New Year have suddenly a new meaning when theres snow everywhere, you can even visit Santa in Lappi (more infos on  http://www.santatelevision.com/joulupukki/).

So if you want to come to finland but you think  that you would not feel welcome, don’t be scared, it’s just a illusion! Some of us are just shy or don’t speak good english, but were always happy to be talked to.



1. Ms Leino - February 8, 2010

Contents: Excellent
I’m glad you picked a common stereotype as your topic. And your argument was sound. A mature piece of writing in fluent English!

Media / appearance: Excellent
I laughed out loud when I saw which video you had chosen 🙂 And your picture of New Year’s is beautiful. Captions could have been nice to explain what’s going on…

Grammar: Very good
– Finns, Finnish, English (ALWAYS capitalized!)
– in THE summer
– not like they are in Spain…
– kid’s = lapsen Finn’s = suomalaisen, kids =lapset Finns = suomalaiset
– if you ARE in Finland
– in addition to THAT
– suddenly have a new meaning
– there’s snow
– more INFO on Santa Television (you could have made the word into a link like with Suomenlinna)

2. elisavainio - January 25, 2010

Your post is so true! I have lot of same kind of opinions with you about Finns and their shyness. The structure in the text is clear and the way you told about things was interesting and funny:) But actually sometimes Finnish people really can speak good English but they just don’t want or have the courage enough to use the language (what is pity). It’s nice that you also paid attention to different seasons and how Finns act during those times. Also the video was interesting and funny and the link nice extra! Your grammar was very good.
In the end I can say that your post is very nice and I enjoyed while reading it

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