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Mämmi January 24, 2010

Posted by Mimi in Finnish food.

No-one loves mämmi like finns. Mämmi is the most usual finish Easter desert but many foreigner think that it is disgusting. That come from mämmi’s unusual look because it looks like poop. It is brown, soft and wet.

Mämmi is made from water, rye flour and powdered rye malt so mämmi’s brown colour comes from the rye.

There is a picture of the mämmi.

Our family’s Easter would be nothing without mämmi because my mother loves mämmi like a dog loves food. Unfortynally no-one else in my family likes it. In fact we hate it except my mother! When I was younger i liked it but then something happened and I realised that it is not so delisious at all.

My mother always  serve it whit sugar and white cream as it should be.  Finish Easter is noting without mämmi!

For the mämmi, Mimi Lindroos



1. Ms Leino - February 12, 2010

Contents: Excellent
You kept the story personal and yet you had done some research and had found the names of the ingredients in English. Well done! Like Viena said, the topic is well chosen since foreigners often find mämmi a mystery. You have a wonderful sense of humor and it shows! Next time I would try to stick a few idioms in there and attempt using a couple more challenging words to spice up your essay!

Media / appearance: Very good
A hilarious video, what a find! However, do remember to consider copyrights, maybe you could have taken a picture of mämmi yourself 🙂 and let your mom enjoy the contents of the box! I’m sure it’s in the stores by now…

Grammar: Satisfactory
Try the proofread button next time, it helps fix all the unnecessary spelling mistakes 🙂
– THE Finns (tietty Suomen kansa), Finnish = suomalainen (adj)
– desert = aavikko, dessert = jälkiruoka
– that is perhaps because of…
– here = tässä, there =tuolla
– unfortunately

2. Mimi - January 25, 2010

Thank you Viena, that was a good comment! Yes there was few misspellings, because I was little bit tired.. 😀

3. Viena - January 25, 2010

Your subject is marvelous!
It’s true that the foreigners don’t have enough courage to taste mämmi. We should encourage them more! And I think this blog is helping it forward.

That first picture is excellent! Did you take it yourself? The video shows well how hard it is for foreigners to eat mämmi.
The text could’ve been little bit longer though.

You had few misspellings:
No-one = No one
realised = realized
delisious = delicious
My mother always serve = My mother always serves
whit = with
noting = nothing

Your text makes me want to eat mämmi! It may look disgusting, but it tastes .. unique! 😉

4. Nikunen - January 24, 2010

Nice! I love that first picture. Cause it reminds me of something… hmm.. what was it again? 😀
ps. I allways eat mämmi at Easter.

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