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It’s not a dream January 24, 2010

Posted by Tuubi in Sports.

Have you experienced something you will never forget? You were completely inside an other world and you will return there again and again and again.

Pyhä is situated in East-Lapland. It´s a big mountain near Kemijärvi.

In winter there are amazing slopes. One of them is northern slope which is 1600 meter long. In the afternoon when the sky changes the colour, the landscape is unspeakably fantastic. You can feel fresh wind and dazzling sun.

When I was skiing in Pyhä for the firt time I wondered “what will it be, the slopes seem to be so steep”, but when I started to ski I felt I was on cloud nine. The wind blew against my face and the slopes were in good condition. The experience was just great.

After skiing a couple of hours I stopped to rest for a while in a café. When I opened the door I heard happy talking, sense the smell of cocoa and felt a good atmosphere. I was overjoyed.

People were mostly in a good mood. They smiled and laughed, but every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes slopelines were long and you had to wait for a while.

So if you want to experience something new and unforgettable, it`s worth of visit there.

If you are bored to ski, you can always try this.



1. Ms Leino - February 11, 2010

Contents: Excellent
You really took the task to heart. Your use of vocabulary is exquisite and you have managed to use many idiomatic expressions from the course book, well done! I can truly sense the atmosphere that you are trying to portray 🙂

Media / appearance: Excellent
The link was a little strange since it encompassed a looong sentence, but the video was relevant and the pictures absolutely breath-taking!

Grammar: Very good
LOTS of articles missing (a/an/the), always double check!
– what will it be LIKE
– skiing FOR a couple of hours
– its worth visiting Pyhä!
– bored OF skiing

2. Henri - January 25, 2010

Great! You tell your experiences very well. I didn’t find any big mistakes. It’s good that you have a video and not just normal photos.
One video clip is better than 100 photos. That’s what I think.

3. Henri - January 25, 2010

your experiences are making me wanna go there

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