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Wonderful season January 18, 2010

Posted by Natalia in Nature, Weather.

Winter in Finland is a long season in every year. Temperature could be different every day from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius. One day you feel the warmth but next day you feel your self very cold.

Bit in Finland, winter is the most beautiful time of year. When you walk in the forest it is wonderful to watch the sunlight in the trees cover by snow, shine of snow and trees in the snow. As if you are in a fairy tale. It is enjoyment feel when freeze prick your skin. In Lapland finnish winter is the most popular because there you can watch and enjoy northern lights. It is unexpected and surprising show.

Winter is also important because on  winter is Christmas and New Year.  At Christmas families celebrate together. Children receive gifts from Santa Claus. Every house decorates with colorful and luminous garlands.

Winter in Finland is amazing season and important part of this country.



1. Ms Leino - February 8, 2010

Contents: Very good
Your description about walking in the forest is beautiful, I can imagine exactly what it is like because of the metaphors and adjectives that you have used. However, I was hoping for a few more personal details, like what do you think about the weather and how does it affect your everyday life? I’m sure it’s not all bliss for a young lady who likes to wear heels… 😉 Perhaps you could have discussed the downsides, as well. Now the story remains general and a little vague. Always write from the heart!

Media: Very good
A relevant video and a wonderful photograph of your neighborhood, I suppose. A caption would have been nice 😉

Grammar: Satisfactory
Lots of articles a/an/the missing! Always triple check and make sure they are in place 🙂
– THE next day
– feel very cold (Ei pysty kääntään suoraan “tuntea itsensä”)
– coverED by snow
– shining snow
– as if you WERE in a fairytale
– an enjoyable (=nautinnollinen) feeling when the cold prickles
– winter is THE most popular SEASON
– IN the winter

2. Juhani - January 25, 2010

A good post in my opinion. I see that the subject is close to you. You use adjectives well and you stay in the subject of yours. There’s just little mistakes with prepositions but they don’t bother much.

The description about walking in snowy forest is very good

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