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Travelling in Finland January 18, 2010

Posted by Julia Myllymäki in Nature.

I’m going to tell you about travelling in Finland and some of my own travelling experiences.When people come here to Finland from abroad they usually spend the most of their time in Helsinki.But actually there’s a lot of other places and sights around in Finland.

I think the best way of travelling in Finland is to travel around different places.It shows you amazing sides of Finland.For example, Finland is famous for its thousand lakes and the biggest lake is Saimaa. Of course there’s also Lapland.I think every people should see it because there is so gorgeous sights and magical feeling. In the winter the sun doesn’t rise at all in Lapland but in the summer the sun doesn’t set even at night.

Now I’m going to tell one of my travelling experience when I go to my family’s summer cottage.It situates on the  Island of Päijänne. There is a lot of insects but actually it’s not the real problem. The real problem is animals.Once I walked outside and wondered what was moving in the tangle.Suddenly a raccoon dog ran out of the tangle and of course I started to scream and ran away.But I still think it’s the best summer place.

This is a picture of Päijänne. I chose this picture because I think it’s just beautiful.



1. Ms Leino - February 7, 2010

Contents: Very good
The parts in which you describe your own experiences are definitely the best. You could have built the entire essay around those. Your vocabulary is extensive and the text flows nicely, although I would leave out the sentences in which you state what you are going to tell about next. They are unnecessary. Instead, always start a paragraph with a leading sentence that introduces the topic in a few worlds, such as “My family’s summer cottage is a great example of Finnish nature and traditions.”

Media / appearance: Excellent
Your picture is stupefying and an original, I believe. I’m also glad you included a caption 🙂

Grammar: Good
– there ARE lots of other places/insects
– different aspects of = eri puolia
– thousands of lakes
– every PERSON
– there ARE such gorgeous sights THERE
– tangle = http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tangle

2. aleksi - January 25, 2010

Your blog was easy to read and interesting. I have not been in Lapland, but I can believe that Lapland is a great place spent holidays. Your text did not have significant fails. Your own experiences was really interesting. Great work!

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