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Four seasons January 18, 2010

Posted by Sylva in Nature.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. In Finland we really have four different seasons. They’re all beautiful and exciting in their own way. And now I’m going to tell you more about them.


Winter is the coldest and the darkest season in Finland. Winter lasts from December to February.

In winter the night is much longer than the day and it seems like all the bright colours are replaced by shades of grey. However sometimes it’s sunny and the weather is very beautiful in winter. When sun shines and there is snow on the ground  it makes everything shine brightly. And if you are lucky you might see northern lights in Finland ! But that’s possible only if you are in Lapland.

For Finns the biggest holiday in winter is christmas of course. It’s the time of the year when everyone is home and spends time with their families.


Spring starts in March and lasts about three months.

Spring is a beautiful and a happy season. Temperature is over +0°C and it feels warm after long winter. Days are getting longer and it’s dark only in the nights.

There are many things that you can see, smell and hear in spring when the nature is waking up. Many birds are coming back and you can hear their voice, the snow is melting and there are small leaves in trees. The nature is green and the first flowers come up under the snow. Bugs and worms are also waking up.

The biggest holidays are Easter in April and May Day in May.


Summer, summer, summer… What a beautiful word.

In Finland summer is the shortest season. It lasts about two or three months. Well it’s warm only two months. Usually it’s raining a lot in summer but sometimes it can even be hot ! Sometimes when it’s sunny and there are no clouds in the sky, temperature can be over +20°C. And we have polar bears here… ?

Many Finns have summer cottages and on holiday they like to go there away from big cities. There are also thousands of lakes in Finland. The lakes look awesome in summer and if you go to lake Saimaa you might see some seals there.

The biggest holiday is Midsummer Day in June when the sun shines through the night.


Autumn is the most colourful season in the year. There are wonderful trees with their red and orange leaves. Leaves fall down and birds fly away. It’s raining a lot in the autumn and days are getting shorter and colder again.

Autumn lasts from September to November.



1. Ms Leino - February 8, 2010

Contents: Very good
You write English fluently and expressively. It was a great essay, but for a blog post it could have used some of your own opinions and experiences. YOU are what makes a good story, people are curious about other people. 🙂

Media / appearance: Excellent
The introduction + headings were a nice touch. You have placed wonderful pictures strategically in between the text which makes it easy to read. You definitely have an eye for beauty, keep taking photographs!

Grammar: Excellent
– AT night
– birds make a sound, humans have a voice
– I love nature (NO article)
– Usually it rains a lot (YLEISpreesens!), it rains a lot in Autumn (YLEISpreesens) –> käytä to be + ing muotoa ainoastaan jos jotain on tapahtumassa parhaillaan!
– Lake Saimaa (capital letters)

2. Santtu - January 25, 2010

The decription is good and not too long. The text and its structure are clear and there isn`t any bad mistakes. The story could be more personal though. The subject has been well picked and it is a good thing to be introduced for foreigners.

There isn`t any links or videos, but the subject doesn`t need them anyway in my opinion. The pictures look very nice between the text.

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