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Finnish way of drinking January 18, 2010

Posted by Nikunen in Drinking, Finns.

Finns like to drink  a lot of alcohol. But do Finns drink responsibly?

Finns are not the biggest alcohol consumers in Europe. E.g. in France they drink more alcohol than in Finland. But the difference is that Frenchman drinks every day one or a couple glasses of wine, or beer. But in Finland we drink it at the weekends. That’s because of our history.

Spirits and other strong alcohols and beer have been a big part of our history. E.g. a Finnish family lives at the countryside, the head of the family and his friends worked at the farmland for all the weekdays. Work made on weekdays and at weekend, it was time for some leisure time. All men who worked hard at the farmland were going to sauna to relax, then it was time to drink alcohol. And you can guess, how much they are going to drink that. Too much.

But now the main question: Do Finns drink responsible? I would say that Finns drink with their own style. Finns want to drink alcohol to get drunk, in other countries people like to drink couple of beers and be a little bit drunk but a Finn wants to drink twelve beers and be pissed. But one difference is that Finns also drink spirits, and some Finns don’t understand that when you drink e.g. Vodka it takes a little time when you will get drunk, so they drink half of the bottle and want to get immediately drunk, but it doesn’t work that way. If you drink in a little time so much alcohol you can end up in the ICU (intensive care unit). So my answer to that question is that some Finns drink responsible, not all of them.

Cheers mate, Valtteri Nikunen.

 It's time for some alcohol.



1. Ms Leino - February 7, 2010

Contents: Excellent
You have tackled a difficult topic in your essay, one that could be considered the greatest Finnish taboo. I appreciate the challenging vocabulary that you have used successfully in your essay. I am also impressed by the structure – the way you started with the history of alcohol and then moved on to express your opinion about the current situation in comparison to drinking customs abroad. You consider several point of view and do not fall prey to generalizations. A mature piece of writing, well done!

Media / appearance: Excellent
I see that you have great Photoshop editing skills 😉 A funny concept!

Grammar: Very good
– A Frenchman (S) drinks (P) a glass of wine (O) every day (A) SPOTPA! You have forgotten to place the TIME at the end of the sentence in several places!
– all THE men
– A couple of beers
– it takes a little time UNTIL you get drunk
– responsible = vastuuntuntoinen, responsibly = vastuuntuntoisesti

2. Mimi - January 25, 2010

yaik! you told facts and that is sad, raelly sad. Finns should stop drinking! Your text is great : )

Nikunen - January 25, 2010

Thanks Mimi but I don’t think that Finns should stop drinking they should drink less. 😉

3. Niina Laurila - January 25, 2010

Nice picture:D It Carry out well about Finnish drinking culture 😀 Your blog is very clear=) Subject is very Finnish 😀 And everything what you writing is true:)

4. Rosa Piirinen - January 24, 2010

Hihii, nice smiley face! 😛

Nikunen - January 24, 2010

Thanks! 🙂

5. Henri - January 24, 2010

I think I know who’s the guy in the picture 😀 It’s not the first time when I see this picture

Nikunen - January 24, 2010

I think everyone who have seen this picture without that “smiley” do know who that dude is. 😀

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