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Fantastic or Finntastic ? January 18, 2010

Posted by tiusanen in Sports.

Downhill skiing in Finland is something that You can compare to nothing.  I can’t find the words to describe this feeling, when You are skiing downhill with full speed. You can experience all that in Lapland that locates in North Finland. The biggest Ski Center in finland lies naturally in Lapland, and its called big and fabulous LEVI – ski center.

Gear that you need is only skis  and warm clothes.

You can also ski in the summer,but then the hills are not

covered with real snow and you don’t need as warm clothes as

in winter!  The official name of ” downhill skiing” is alpine skiing

and alpine skiing is Olympic discpline, where the Finns ” Kalle Palander” and ” Tanja Poutilainen” are very succesful.

My own experiences

I have skied 10 years. I have done that in many places.  I ski every year on winter holiday and sometimes on free time.

First three years and the beginning:

I started downhill skiing, when i was 7.  My first skicenter, where I practised the technology and abilities  was ” Himos.”  I started naturally by a small hill, and there I sensed to bigger hills. One day i quoted my daddy’s liftcard to the bigger hills and then the mysterious story began!

The rest 7 years. How i became a professional downhill skier?

After 3 years training, The downhill skiing was as easy as pie. I have visited Levi,Ruka and another big skicenters.

Downhill skiing used to be very difficult to me, but practise makes perfect, and nowadays I do it like gurus.

I have participated in competitions and succeeded there well. I got a real enthusiastic of downhill skiing, when i was ranked on place 3.  After that I practised almost my all free-time and i got very respectable places. In the next wintervacation The next competition will be organized, and I will get ready myself to win this competition!

My comments:

Downhill skiing is really a quite difficult at least if you do not attend to that. Downhill skiing is very valued sport in Finland. I think that downhill skiing screens very beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Downhill skiing is not as dangerous as people are tendency to talk. It’s very nice and funny. Finland is  right country to ski, and downhill skiing is part of the reason why tourists visit  Finland. Be brave!



1. Ms Leino - February 8, 2010

Contents: Very good
The way you have used headings to structure your essay works very well for a blog post, it keeps even the absent-minded reader interested. You have attempted to use advanced vocabulary and at times succeeded very well indeed. Just make sure you know how a word works in a sentence before you stick it in there (try googleing it). I also enjoyed the idiom, easy as pie 😉 Great work!

Media / appearance: Excellent
A big plus for the original picture with beautiful scenery and the brave ski guru himself 😉

Grammar: Satisfactory
– i = I
– can’t be compared TO anything
– IN full speed
– Lapland IS LOCATED in
– The ONLY gear that you need
– FOR 10 years, the NEXT 7 years
– technology = teknologia, technique = tekniikka, abilities = kyvyt (voiko niitä harjoituttaa?)
– difficult FOR me
– do it like a guru/pro
– succeeded well in them
– got real enthusiastic ABOUT
– all my free time
– ON vacation
– screen = näyttö, scenery = maisemat
– as people tend (= ovat taipuvaisia) to claim (väittämään)
– funny = hassu, fun = hauskaa

2. Anna - February 8, 2010

Good job.
It’s great how personal you text is and I really like how descriptive your writing is. It really sounds like you love skiing. I can’t really I’ve found any grammar mistakes. So good job on that part too.

I don’t really like skiing so I’m not one comment on the subject it self. Mostly because I have no idea.
But I must say the photo you have up there is just gorgeous. Did you take it yourself?
The video too is good and they suit your text well.

So all in all a great blogand no spelling mistakes that i can spot.
So really good work.

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