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Something for everyone January 17, 2010

Posted by Taru in Helsinki, Nature.

It’s pretty hard to think of something cool to say about Finland when you live here yourself. What would foreigners find interesting? Probably one of the first things to come to mind about our country is the nature. We do have 187,888 lakes after all. But speaking as someone who lives in our capital Helsinki, nature isn’t really that close to my life.

However it is truly beautiful and spending some time there away from all the stress can truly be good for the soul. Plus it’s pretty easy to do what with so many Finns having summer cottages these days. Our family doesn’t really have one but I’ve had the fortune of having awesome friends and thus the opportunity of going to theirs.

These pictures are a part of the reason summer is my favorite season and green my favorite color.

Finland isn’t all nature though. As I said I live in Helsinki and even though I like to kick back and relax in the countryside I truly love the hustle of our biggest city! There are many things to do here and so many things to explore. Just like in any city, I suppose. For example my favorite places are a movie theater I always go  to called Tennispalatsi, and Tavastia – a legendary club. I’ve had some incredible gigs there and made great friends and memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

In conclusion; Finland is a great and diverse country with a lot to offer. And from my experience we really aren’t all that stiff and un-approachable like those stereotypes make us to be!



1. Ms Leino - February 6, 2010

Contents: Excellent
Your text flows beautifully. Although you did not pick one specific sight or topic to discuss in your essay, you keep it together nicely by describing two contrasts, nature and the city. You spiced it up with your own thoughts and I can definitely feel your presence all over the text. You’ve got personality!

Media / appearance: Excellent
Beautiful photographs! The quality and colors are simply amazing! Captions might have been nice so as to explain to foreigners where they are from 😉

Grammar: Excellent
– …like those stereotypes make us sound like.

2. Kaisu - January 25, 2010

When you told the sum of lakes I first thought that there would be more facts later but it was a cheerful surprise to notice that the rest was your own description. You descride very interesting way and you have nice thoughts about Finland and its nature. It’s also very nice that you compare nature of Finland to its cities. It makes the feeling that you have experience from both of them. It’s always funny to hear about others own opinions and interests and you have told them very interesting way in your text. From the title I wouldn’t have guessed, what is the content of the text, but when I had read the text, they were easy to combine together. I think the title is very concise and it’s a good thing.
The structure is very clear and the text is easy to read. But the pictures are just so marvelous (the nature seems so peaceful and unique) so I would like to know more about them like where have you taken them. It would be nice too if you have captions under them. They don’t need to be long just a few explaining words would be enough. It’s also fantastic that you have taken the pictures yourself! I like the subject because I also spend my holidays in the countryside and near by nature, but I still like to live in Helsinki, because everything is so near and it’s easy to go everywhere.
If you would like to continue the text further, you could tell something about alternatives, what people can do in Finland. As the title says: “Something for everyone”.
In summary I liked your story very much, especially the pictures were fascinating. You can write smoothly and I didn’t notice any disturbing points in the text. Also the last comment about Finns and our nature was very blithe addition to the end. 😀

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