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Marimekko January 17, 2010

Posted by Valeria in Fashion, Marimekko.

I will tell you about the Finnish brand Marimekko. Marimekko is one of the most popular brand in Finland. When I moved to Finland in 1997 it looked somehow freaky. On textiles were some flowers and some odd stripes. I was kind of confused, because everyone was using this shirts, dresses, socks, curtains and so on. After all these things are very simple: flowers and stripes. It´s nothing compared with our Russian clothes and dresses. In a fact we have a lot of laces, fur, leather and everything must to be pearly, shiny and dazzling. I really could´t understand how Finnish people can like this sort of things, because to my mind came always the same picture of a prisoner in a Russian jail. (In Russia prisoners are using uniforms with this kind of stripes). So this is why I felt myself a little bit like a black sheep in a farm between all this white sheep.

After some years I used to this kind of Finnish things like sauna, “karjalanpiirakka” (a rice pasty) and of course Marimekko. At school there was always someone wearing Marimekko clothes and someone using Marimekko bag. Everyday I´m seeing Marimekko things in a bus, in a magazine so that´s why I can´t imagine Finland without Marimekko anymore.
I we think Marimekko was founded in 1951, so this company has worked already for a long time! 61 years it´s not a joke, because you really need to do something for the business and you need to know how to manage it that one day you will succeed.

Now you can see a lot of tourists in the shops buying some presents from Marimekko. If someone had asked me what is the best present for friends, relative etc., I would answer Marimekko of course! It´s very nice souvenir and there is always some connection to Finnish culture.


Here is a link if you feel like visiting Marimekkos own webside. 🙂

Marimekko for children

With love, Valeria



1. Ms Leino - February 7, 2010

Contents: Excellent
What a wonderful job you have done with this! You made the story personal and managed to link Marimekko to your own roots and heritage. It was a pleasure to read right down to the clever metaphors and ingenious ending! The heading could have been more enticing and the first sentence of your introduction is unnecessary, however, the rest of the structure is eloquent and clear. Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

Media / appearance: Good
I’m glad you linked that picture to the original one, sources are important. However, the link to the Marimekko website should have lead to the English version.

Grammar: Good
– one the of the most popular brandS
– on the textiles THERE WERE flowers
– THESE shirts, THESE SORTS of things
– you feel sad, happy, weird, sick (nothing in between, suora käännös suomesta “tunnen itseni” ei toimi tässä)
– amongst all the white sheep
– compared TO
– pastRy
– every day I see Marimekko (yleispreesens eli tapahtuu yleensä joka päivä) I am looking at you (kestopreesens, eli katson sinua parhaillaan juuri nyt)
– what the best present is (suora sanajärjestys sivulauseessa, käänteinen ainoastaan kysymyksessä)

2. Rosa Piirinen - January 25, 2010

Hello! ^^

Really a nice topic about the Finnish fashion(and also culture!).
Marimekko really represents the (in my opinion) old-fashioned style of the Finns like.
I have though always hated the Marimekko. It is so dull, ugly and…granny. Really a sort of texture that grandmas use. At least the head-logo. (The Flowers.They are just hideous) But still it represents something about Finland so… 😛

It’s delightful how you’ve compared the russian fashion to finnish and how you’ve also explained a little about your feelings when you first came here.
Because of what you say in your text I think the headline could have also been something more pointing to russian fashion. Like for someone who’s interested in Russia or russian clothes the headline would draw attention and he’d just run to read your story.

You write really fluently and I just loved the black sheep-white sheep idiom. Also it was interesting how you thought Marimekko stripes look a like with the clothes prisoners are using. Dont think that is really what the Marimekko’s founders were after. 😉

I think you’ve done excellent job and I’ll give you a parrot for having a topic that no one else chose. 🙂

3. Ms Leino - January 20, 2010

This is so much more interesting! Where did you move to Finland from? 🙂

Valeria - January 21, 2010

Thank you, I moved to Finland when I was four years old from Lithuania, from capital Vilna. But actually my both parents are Russian, they just born and studied in Lithuania. But my grandma is for example from Ukraine 🙂 Even if I live in Finland already about 14 years, I don´t feel myself Finnish. It´s not even always easy to speak and to write Finnisg language. But it´s sounds also funny, that I´m a Russian and I´m living almost all my life in Finland, doesn´t it?

Ms Leino - February 7, 2010

Not at all, I have a friend who has also lived in Finland most of her life, and yet she considers herself Russian because that’s where she is originally from and her parents have brought her up that way. I think that people should cherish their roots and be proud of where they come from, especially when they live somewhere else 🙂

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