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Finnish music January 11, 2010

Posted by Niina Laurila in Music.

I will tell you about finnish music. Finnish music is many kind of.. Like rock,pop,rap and heavy metal music. I like rock and heavy music because there is very good sound and lyrics!

Finland is famous for example Him , Nightwish and Children of bodom. Everybody knows Him and Nightwish! But Children of bodom not necessarily.. But I like Children of bodom very much!

Many people in the world likes finnish music and finnish music is very popular to worldwide:) I think finnish music is very popular in the world because in finland there is very much metal music..

Here is a couple of videos about finnish metal music 🙂

Nightwish-Nemo . Very popular song .

I like this video because there is Tarja Turunen and there is nice ambiance =)

Him-Wings of a butterfly. Also very popular song.
I like this video because it’s made up well =)



1. Ms Leino - February 2, 2010

Contents: Satisfactory
You used one challenging word and that was “ambiance” 🙂 I wish you had looked up a few more adjectives to describe Finnish music and the feeling it arouses in you. As it is, the text is quite simplistic and structurally it is not really an essay with a beginning, a middle and an end. Next time, try constructing a mind map before you start writing, it really helps!

Media / appearance: Excellent
You have picked videos that reflect your taste in music 🙂 I can tell that you are a true fan! The links are a good addition and they have been stylishly incorporated into the text.

Grammar: Satisfactory
– the sound and lyrics ARE very good
– famous FOR = kuuluisia jostakin, FOR example = esimerkiksi
– people like
– here ARE a couple of videos

2. Nikunen - January 25, 2010

ps. I think that you should have use the “more..” thing cause those videos take some much space. But that is just an tiny note. 😀

3. Nikunen - January 25, 2010

You have picked up an nice subject! But I noticed some little mistakes like you should have capitalized word Finnish. And I think that you should have write an longer story about the music. I think it’s too small.

Your blog is very personal I can see that you have written those stories by yourself not copy/paste from wikipedia.

And a big plus is that you have used media! You have used several links and videos. That’s nice!

4. Rosa Piirinen - January 25, 2010

This apparently is a subject you like and I also think that there really is people out there who want to read about Finnish Metal music.
But really, you should have told more about the Finnish melancholia and how it reflects on the music!
And I would have wanted to read about WHY do you like those bands and metal music in general? What does it represent to you and what does it mean?
Btw I Got to say I loved the word “ambiance”. I have to find a way to use it myself..somewhere..>:)

5. ForcedToWin - January 17, 2010

nice blog!

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